Freddie Salem & Lone Wolf ~ Guitarist, Writer, Vocals, Producer;
"Black Cloud Rising"

Freddie Salem & Steel Justice ~ Guitarist, Writer, Vocals, Producer (Euro-Disk-UK)
Freddie Salem's Gunslinger's ~ Guitarist, Writer, Vocals, Producer

Rachel Roberts ~ Guitarist, Producer; "Rachel Roberts and the Ruthless" (R2 Records)

King Solomon Hicks ~ Carrying on the Torch of the Blues ~ Writer

Champion ~ Producer; (Quicksilver Records)

Numbers Band - Guitarist, Producer; "Among the Wandering" (Water Street Records)

Rick Cua ~  Guitarist; "Halfway to Heaven" (Refuge Records)

Barbra Streisand ~ Guitarist; "The Way We Were", "Just For The Record"   (Columbia/CBS Records)

Natalie Cole ~ Guitarist; "The Magic of Christmas" (Warner Bros. Records)

Guitar Player Presents ~ Guitarist; "Legends of Guitar"

Recently released and remastered on Rock Candy Records (UK):
Freddie Salem & The Wildcats, "Cat Dance"
The Outlaws, "Bring it Back Alive"

The Chambers Bros. ~ Guitarist; "Unbonded" (Avco Embassy Records)

Brownsmith ~ Guitarist, Arranger; "Brownsmith" (Capitol Records)

The Outlaws ~ Guitarist, Writer, Vocals, Producer;
"Bring it Back Alive", "Playing to Win", "In The Eye of the Storm", "Ghost Riders", "Los Hombres Malo", Greatest Hits (Arista Records)

Freddie Salem & The Wildcats ~ Guitarist, Writer, Vocals, Producer; "Cat Dance" (Epic/CBS Records)

The Godz ~ Guitarist, Writer, Producer; "I'll Get You Rocking"                           (Heavy Metal/EMI Records-UK), "Mongolians" (Grudge/Polygram Records)

The Zippers ~ Guitarist, Producer; "Top Shelf" (MCA Records)

Raging Slab ~ Producer of film track (MICA/Polygram)

Raging Slab ~ Producer;
"Live at the Roxy" (Westwood One/RCA Records)

Snatches of Pink ~ Guitarist, Producer; "Bent with Pray" (Hollywood Records)

Michael Rank ~ Guitarist, Producer; "Coral" (Caroline Records)

Denzon ~ Guitarist, Writer, Producer; "Shoot from the Hip" (Little Fish Records)